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Hujan Panas
Hujan Panas

Hujan Panas

Amir is a waiter who dreams of becoming a well known composer. He admires Aminah the singer at the place he works. He requests of her to sing his songs but she refuses. Hasnah the cashier at the restaurant pity Amir being ridiculed by Aminah when he confesses his love for her. On the other hand Hasnah as well has feelings for him. One day an opera owner heard of Amir songs and offered him to work at his place. Amir requested that he would go if only Aminah was to follow along. Zakaria manage to make a deal and they both worked togetthon many songs and Amir became popular since then. Aminah on the other hand began to like him. They ended up getting married and had a son, Nana. Amir loved his son so much that he gave all his attention to his son not knowing of his wife affair with a man named Hassan who happens to be Amir close friend. Hassan in the end managed to talk Aminah out in leaving Amir and bringing her child along.

Genre: Drama , Malay

Actor: P Ramlee , Siput Sarawak , Aini Hayati , Haji Mahadi , Mustarjo , Hashim Nor , Malek Sutan Muda , Fatimah Ahmad

Director: B N Rao


Country: Malaysia ,

Release: 1953-08-15

Duration: 115 Min

Quality: SD Malay Dub

Rating: 0