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Isteriku 'Mem' Besar
Isteriku 'Mem' Besar

Isteriku 'Mem' Besar

The story about Azizi and Maziah, a couple who have been married for a long time but their relationship has become cold due to differences in perspective. Azizi, who is tired of working in the city, wants to go back to his village and retire peacefully with his family. His family, led by his wife, Maziah, disagrees that their elegant lifestyle is not suitable for village life. Azizi tried to find some peace but was replaced by some amusing acts in maintaining a relationship with his wife and family.

Genre: Comedy , Drama , Malay

Actor: Amirul Faqeem , Iskandar Syahidan , Azhar Osman , Amyza Aznan , Arash Mohd , Mawar Rashid

Director: Dato Ahmad Tamimi Siregar


Country: Malaysia , MY

Release: 2018-10-13


Quality: HD Malay Dub

Rating: 0