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Abidin a young composer finally returns home after 5 years pursuing his career. He was shocked to find out that the love of his life is now blind. He strives hard to gain back her sight. Hassan, Abidin close friend also hides his feelings for Juwita. Hassan gets the help of Rohani, a dancer in Abidin band to derail his concentration to her instead. She took the oppurtunity for sure because Rohani as well has feelings for Abidin. Abidin left Hassan in charge to look after Juwita during her operation because he had to go to Bangkok for a performance In bangkok Rohani sent a false telegram to Juwita saying that Abidin had died in a terrible accident. What will be of Juwita hearing the bad news?

Genre: Drama , Malay

Actor: P Ramlee , Kasma Booty , A Rahim , Ulong Jawa , Salmah Ahmad , Datin Saadiah , Daeng Idris , Siti Tanjung Perak

Director: S Ramanathan


Country: Malaysia

Release: 1951-08-12

Duration: 99 Min

Quality: SD Malay Dub

Rating: 0