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Musim 1
The Gadis
The Gadis

The Gadis

A group of village girls who want to change their lives. Lina and Lisa live with their dad, Nad with Nek Timah. Nad's return to the village attracted many people, especially Lisa because of her beauty and her life. Lina falls in love again with her ex-boyfriend, Shazman, but Shazman's mother prefers Nad because she feels like she fits in with her high school son. Nad invites Lisa to go back to KL, if she wants to be like her. Will Lisa follow her heart? What will await her in KL?

Genre: Drama , Malay

Actor: Syafie Naswip , Fatin Afeefa , Hamidah Wahab , Erynne Erynna , Yuna Rahim , Hun Haqeem , Zain Hamid

Director: Liyana Jasmay


Country: Malaysia , MY

Release: 2020-04-10


Quality: HD Malay Dub

Rating: 0